Acupuncture Specialist

Dr. Shangyou Zhong

Acupuncture Specialist in Santa Monica

A California-licensed acupuncturist, Dr Shangyou Zhong has been a medical practitioner for over 35 years. These are her credentials:

-Educated and trained at Traditional Chinese Medical University in China.

-Diplomate in Acupuncture and Herbology for the Certification of Acupuncturists in the USA.

-Licensed Acupuncturist, California.

Member of California Acupuncture Medicine association.

-Professor of Oriental Medicine in China and USA.

-Worked as an internal medicine doctor in a general hospital in China.

-Modern Chinese Outstanding Achievement Award.

How I Can Help You



I work with people who have various concerns. Consultations help identify issues

Weight Control

Weight Control

Detox, Appetite Control, and Hormone Balance.



Natural, Safe, Effective for many conditions.

Pain Specialist

We treat Acute, Chronic, Back, Shoulder, Neck, and Knee pain, also headache and sciatica.

Herbs & Nutrition

Herbs & Nutrition

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the most important parts of traditional Chinese medicine.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy can help with stress that can interfere significantly with daily routines, your job, social life etc.



I have been a patient of Dr. Zhong’s for 14 years. I originally saw her for carpel tunnel symptoms. Thanks to her treatment I avoided surgery. She addresses the root of the problem. Dr. Zhong is always expanding her knowledge of acupuncture techniques. She also makes exceptional customized herbal medicine. Her strong Qi energy is incomparable. When I get acupuncture, cupping and massage I leave feeling rejuvenated.


She and her staff are welcoming and truly care about the patient. I feel lucky to have Dr. Zhong in my life. She is the “Michelin 3 Stars” of acupuncturists.

CherylWest Hollywood

When I first came to see Dr. Zhong I had been in a serious car accident. I had seen 14 other doctors, chiropractors, neurolgists, orthopedists and massage therapists yet she was the only one who was finally able to cure the severe and excruciating pain that I had in my neck, head, shoulders and back and arms- it was incredible! She has an innate sense and knowledge of the body. She totally restored my body. Since then I continue to see her as my only doctor as does my entire family - she is truly remarkable

PatriciaSanta Monica

I had back pain for two years. The pain was so severe that it kept me bedridden for two weeks. I chose acupuncture instead of undergoing surgery. After 5 sessions with Dr. Zhong, my pain disappeared. Dr. Zhong's acupuncture technique is wonderful!

ShaltonBeverly Hills

I had foot pain for seven years. None of the many medications I took improved my condition. I spent many sleepless nights, particularly when the pain was severe. A few treatments by Dr. Zhong later, my pain is gone. Dr. Zhong and acupuncture saved my foot!

LuckySanta Monica

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