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Massage Therapy

There are a lot of reflex areas, which are collective points of the nerve, on the sole of the foot. Each of the reflex areas is related with the human body.

The environment we now live in had progressed greatly and varies much with the ice age, and we no longer walk on the rough, uneven ground that our primitive ancestors set foot on. However, our footwear fashion has also changed with time, resulting in what might be viewed as stylish, but uncomfortable shoes. Some shoes may block one’s blood circulation and contribute to making feet cold and furthermore, due to the blockage, the reflex area of the foot would not be able to put its function into full play. However, massaging the reflex area would help the blood circulation, improve its related organs, eliminate the toxins in the body, and thus curing the illness.

Our office will introduce the therapy schecdle about acupuncture, massage and sole massage. We have half hour and one hour massage treatments. Your presence is cordially requested.

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1528 6th St. #120
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